As of this past Wednesday Gladis Areli Hernandez Amaya was released from Adelanto Immigration Detention Center. She is free!
She is now, finally after nearly three months, reunited with her family and friends. Read the Incendiary News article about her case and community support here.
However, we still need to keep fundraising for bonds and lawyer expenses that her family must still pay off. To donate, we will provide the link below.
While this campaign was successful, this was just one aspect of a larger project. There are countless others are being detained and deported, separated from their families, and even being violently abused in these so called detention centers which are really prisons for undocumented immigrants. No amount of reforms or lip service to “abolishing” ICE will stop the fascist lapdogs of the U.S. from terrorizing our communities and separating families.
This is where we come in. STPLA supported the People’s Revolutionary Defense Units, or in Spanish, las Unidades de Defensa Populares Revolucionarias (UDPR). The goal as we have said previously is not merely to shame ICE or to just film them or even just stop a van, but to literally stop them in their tracks and make sure they no longer come into our communities by any means necessary.
At the moment, street vendors from where Gladis was kidnapped are constantly being harassed by pigs and under the constant threat of ICE (the state pigs work hand in hand with them). We call on all revolutionary and progressive forces who are serious about stopping ICE to not only support the vendors, but to also take the necessary steps in escalating the war against ICE.
To donate, click below:

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